The Sexualization of Dance

A little personal history.

I am happy, and fortunate to say that I had a long and prosperous professional dance career. Not many are able to make such a statement, especially these days.

However, there is not a light without a dark.

During a photo shoot, I was asked to do something that was and would be viewed as inappropriate. Not to get into details but I was asked to do something that was tantamount to rape in order to get a certain shot that the photographer was looking for. I never raped anyone in my life so, needless to say, I was very uncomfortable. The person I was dancing with was my friend, why would I ever think of doing such a thing. 

As dancers, we are asked to create poses, dress or undress or devise a subtext all in the name of dance when in fact, it is an advertisement tool to increase the companies visibility and get people to go to the shows.

Many are blind to it or just think its part of the business when in fact its just plain ole sexualization. 

Its everywhere: Images of shirtless male dancers in “macho” poses, women and men in sexually suggestive poses, children dancing in recitals with scant clothing doing little “sexy dances.” For some reason, we have found these images acceptable and yet have condemned sexual abuse. 

Isn’t it the same?

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