What is my relationship to space?

KJ Dye

Ironically last week in my Contemporary class, our discovery question was: “What is my relationship to space?” Many students defined their understanding of “taking up space” as a conversation with those around them or defined the space as a container that they create pathways within. Using these questions and our Spatial Intent discussion, I have come to realize that I am very attuned to space. In movement, my body designs itself in relation to space. By utilizing the angles of the room, the texture of the space, or understanding how momentum redirects my movements are supported by the space or space. I have come to question if spatial intent is only alive when muscularity is involved or if it is simply understanding the thoroughness of the body’s alignment and potentiality or trajectory through space? For example, within the body-half, incorporating the concepts of radical center, breath support, and weight shift…

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